Posted by KidSpirit Online on September 12, 2022

By Abigail Webster

When I was younger and prompted to consider the concept of love, I imagined finding my one true love, someone I’d be able to share the rest of my life with. Yes, the concept is certainly romantic but, ultimately, misleading.

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on August 29, 2022

By Jasmine Xu

There — wedged between two volumes was a faded photo album. When did that get there? Fueled by a peculiar sense of curiosity, I gingerly lifted the album from the shelf.

Dust particles danced in the afternoon sun. . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on August 15, 2022

By Aliana Kernisan

How do I approach the idea of time as a Christian living in a traditional city in Haiti?

Growing up in a society where people your age tend to want to grow up too quickly, . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on August 1, 2022

By Oscar Luckett

At the very start of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce's fictional alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, reads through an index in the fold of his geography pamphlet.

The slowly expanding context in which he places himself . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on July 18, 2022

By Nikita Zinoviev

There are so many countries all over the world and each of them has something unique. We all differ in language, culture, nationality, outlook, climate, territory, and so on. As for me, I belong to the Ukrainians.

Cultural identity refers to a person's sense of belonging to a particular culture or group. . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on May 24, 2022

By Satya Shaw

There’s something everyone must come to realize at some point in their lives, though they might never acknowledge it. Love isn’t something you feel in one singular moment — it’s a collection of memories from the time you’re born to the day you die.

Love is imbued in the smallest actions, from the most meaningful ones to the funniest. . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on May 10, 2022

By Katie Lamm

staring back at me
is the face of an angel —
someone who i am supposed to be.

and i see the gaps that i could filland i’ll still want . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on April 22, 2022

By Michael Deschenes

My full name, Michael North Deschenes, happens to describe what I view as one of the most important parts of my identity.

In French, deschenes means “of the oaks”; my name, . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on April 6, 2022

By Iman Monnoo

I knew God existed when I heard the rhythmic pulse of spoken verse reverberate through the living room for the first time.

I still remember the way the syllables rolled over one another, . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on March 20, 2022

By Elías Viveros

Known as one of the most difficult concepts to define, life could be described as any form of existence that includes a cycle of birth, development, reproduction, and death.

When it comes to the concept of life, . . .


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