Posted by KidSpirit Online on July 14, 2021

By Emily Fan

Silence, as a noun, means the complete absence of sound. Thinking back, I have rarely been put into silence.

As social animals, we are always surrounded by people . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on June 23, 2021

By Mia Ginsberg

Have you ever thought about what it means to live?

We know the criteria to be alive . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on June 8, 2021

by Kavya Shah

Strength is an overrated term; no one truly understands what it means to be strong or resilient.

Strength is a multifaceted term, coined to account for physical and mental abilities, but . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on April 22, 2021

By Emilija Krysén

In a time of both justified and unjustified anxiety-ridden global panic, we often forget that our environment and surroundings can have profound impacts on our mental wellbeing.

Nature is an essential source . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on March 31, 2021

by Megan Kelleher

My first memory of my Catholic faith was not an out-of-body experience, an ethereal dream of God, or a sacred conversation with the Lord. My first memory of faith was Easter Sunday 2006 and involved big hats and ugly dresses.

I was four, clad in a white puffy dress with yellow sunflowers and . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on March 17, 2021

By Olivia Baliey

Someday, everyone you love will die.

You probably stared at that sentence for a minute, didn’t you? What a way to begin an article. So morbid. So terrible and cruel.

But what, what on earth is honesty if not cruel . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on March 3, 2021

By Kushan Mehta

Religion in my household is very interesting. When you approach my apartment you will be greeted by a “Happy Hanukkah” floor mat. Then, one of the first things you see when you enter the house is a photograph of the Pope and an image of Jesus on the wall.

This is because . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on February 17, 2021

By Miseng Kim

In silence,
Magic flows,
The way rivers flow into the ocean.

In silence,

Posted by KidSpirit Online on February 3, 2021

By Kushan V. Mehta

Throughout the time that humans have inhabited the planet, many have pondered life’s big questions. One that puzzles all of us even today is, “What is our aim on this planet?”

What should one’s ultimate goal in this universe be? . . .

Posted by KidSpirit Online on January 21, 2021

By Abraham Weitzman

If you want to have a conversation, there needs to be space for each person to communicate their ideas and feelings.

Without that room . . .


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