Book Reviews

Thank You, God Lyrical prayers of thanks for what is nearest and dearest to us. Gratitude
Extreme Survival Skills and encouragement for young readers to protect themselves and the environment. Questing
Leo the Lazy Lizard A reminder that paying peaceful attention to nature is a valuable way of being. Attention
The Little Regent A tribute to female wisdom and the power of ruling by serving. Listening
All About Grief Support for young readers to navigate melancholy, mourning, and more. Being Present
My Friend Andy A reminder that, housed or unhoused, we all deserve respect and care. Kindness
Lights Out How children can help protect migrating birds from the dangers of light pollution. Connections
Someone Just Like You A child's guide to empathy, compassion, and bonding with new friends. You
Planting Hope An appreciation of SebastiĆ£o Salgado's photography and environmental conservation. Hope
Make Your Mark, Make a Difference Encouragement for becoming a changemaker. Justice
Like So A joyful ode to love from each other and nature. Love
Connor and the Taekwondo Tournament A story about learning perseverance and trust through martial-arts practice. Attention
The Crayons Love Our Planet A mini hardcover book celebrating all of Earth's hues. Reverence
Elinor McGrath, Pet Doctor A vibrant book about the pioneering efforts of the first U.S. woman to own a veterinary practice. Vision
The Hare-Shaped Hole Guidance for coping with sudden, unexplained loss. Transformation
The Last Stand A tribute to Black farmers that doesn't shy away from the heartbreak of losses due to discrimination. Hope
Little Mo and the Great Snow Monster An endearing book about finding the courage we need at the moment we need it. Being Present
Psalms of Wonder Select psalms that help children bring their troubles, joys, fears, and hopes to God. Wonder
What Do We Know about the Kraken? An exploration of the myths and marvels of sea monsters. X-The Mystery
Angela's Glacier How listening to nature can enrich our lives and protect the planet. Reverence