Book Reviews

Happy Puppy, Angry Tiger A boardbook that helps toddlers develop emotional fluency. Being Present
Animal Architects A wonder-filled introduction to the variety of abodes that creatures construct. Wonder
When Grandfather Flew A tender story of a birdwatcher whose love of birds and life helps his grandchildren understand his passing. Love
Child of the Flower-Song People A fascinating book about a woman who helped new generations treasure native traditions. Connections
For Every Little Thing An uplifting anthology that carries young readers through the day from waking to dreaming. Gratitude
Kuan Yin A gorgeously illustrated and inspired retelling of the Kuan Yin story from the perspective of her younger sister. Compassion
Peace Train A joyfully illustrated version of Cat Stevens' soul-stirring '70s song for a new generation. Peace
Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster A story of sisterly cooperation to solve a problem that has plagued humanity for as long as we've had clothes dryers. Imagination
The Junior Astrologer's Handbook A caringly crafted guide to spiritual practices based on your natal chart. Meaning
A Peacemaker for Warring Nations A centuries-old message of peace that's still alive with hope. Peace
Desmond Gets Free A parable about how neutrality contributes to oppression. Unity
A Bowl Full of Peace The tale of a bowl passed down through generations that survives an atomic bomb blast and brings hope for the future. Gratitude
Wishes A powerful yet gently restrained portrayal of a refugee family's arduous journey. Yearning
Spirit of the Cheetah A coming-of-age story about developing patience, grace, and swiftness. Questing
We All Play A celebration from an indigenous perspective of the kinship between children and animals. Play
The Neighborhood Surprise An affirmation of respect for vegetarians and vegans in the form of a going-away party. Hospitality
Infinity A thought-provoking and visually fascinating exploration of what lies beyond knowing. X-The Mystery
The Tree in Me A poetic portrayal of how trees let us look deeply into things and their interrelationships. Connections
Breaking Waves A richly sensory and meditative book inspired by the artist's time on the rocky shores of Prouts Neck, Maine. Attention
I Sang You Down from the Stars A soulful book about the deep and mysterious connections between a mother and her child. Love