Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Molly Wolf in Angels and Dragons On finding divine grace by practicing unity with strangers at a shopping mall.
Linda A. Mercadante in Belief Without Borders Linda Mercadante on how questing is an essential ingredient in Spiritual But Not Religious persons' stories.
Diana Reiss in The Dolphin in the Mirror Diana Reiss on how humans and dolphins seem to share the capacity of empathy.
Ian Adams in Cave Refectory Road Ian Adams on remaining in one holy place and making the most of it.
Ira Byock in Dying Well A story of how the dying often pass on gifts to the living.
Paula D'Arcy in Waking Up to This Day Paula D'Arcy on how having expectations makes us blind to the possibilities and delights of the present moment.
Carolyn Rose Gimian in Ocean of Dharma Chogyam Trungpa on being present in times when we feel tender and vulnerable.
Marilyn Sewell in Cries of the Spirit Nancy Willard's poem on taking your pepper gently, for peppers are shy.
Desmond Tutu, Mpho Tutu in The Book of Forgiving Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho offer wise counsel on why forgiveness is not easy but leads to a path of healing for ourselves and the world
Mark Yaconelli in Between the Listening and the Telling The need for stories that help men express the pain they feel.
Allan Lokos in Pocket Peace A teaching story about generosity and the true worth of things.
Harmony Nice in Wicca A summary of one path embraced by Wiccan practitioners.
Paul Wesley Chilcote in John & Charles Wesley Charles Wesley's hymn "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling."
W. Paul Jones in A Table in the Desert W. Paul Jones on finding the true meaning of beauty.
Thomas Keating in Spirituality, Contemplation & Transformation Thomas Keating on practicing devotion through self-surrender and abandonment to God's will.
Gretchen Rubin in Life in Five Senses Letting your color guide you.
Howard Thurman, Peter Eisenstadt (co-editor), Walter Earl Fluker (co-editor) in Moral Struggle and the Prophets The cultural, psychological, and spiritual problems faced by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
Murray Bodo in Nourishing Love An answer to Mary’s role and popularity among believers.
John Main in Community of Love John Main's vision for the Christian Church.
Rosemary Mahoney in The Singular Pilgrim Rosemary Mahoney on what prompted her exploration of pilgrimages.
Marsha Walch, Mimi Doe in 10 Principles of Spiritual Parenting Mimi Doe with numerous ways to show kindness that can rub off on children.
Kerry Walters in Jacob's Hip Kerry Walter on how a crisis gives us an opportunity to see it for what it is and free ourselves from its power.
Gary Kowalski in Science and the Search for God Gary Kowalski's case for how religion provides unity and coherence to desperate situations.
Henry A. Giroux in American Nightmare Henry A. Giroux on the challenge of redefining politics in a time of political repression.
Michael Battle in Desmond Tutu Christian spirituality of liberation in the South African context.
Laraine Herring in The Writing Warrior Laraine Herron on shaking to unblock yourself and nurture your creativity.
Brian C. Taylor in Setting the Gospel Free A call to see the beauty and challenge of God's incarnation in our everyday lives.
Jan Phillips in The Marry Your Muse Workshop A creed affirming that art is worthwhile.
Camille Helminski in The Book of Character Abd-al-Khaliq Ghudjuvani on devotion in a book edited by Camille Adams Helminski.
Brian D. McLaren in Finding Our Way Again Brian McLaren on the Christian practice of faith.