Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Kathleen Dowling Singh in The Grace in Aging Kathleen Dowling Singh on the major role of acceptance in spiritual maturity.
Gary Gach in What Book!? Brigid Lowry's poem "In the World" about listening.
Christopher Penczak in City Magick Christopher Penczak on how airplanes, balloons, and brick walls signify mysteries that can't be solved.
Michael Battle in Ubuntu How a person is a person through other people.
Ken Arnold in Circle of the Way Ken Arnold's soulful responses to the stone sculptures of Noguchi in Japan.
Deepak Chopra in Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul Deepak Chopra on waking up our souls to make the most of the body-soul connection.
Frye Gaillard in A Hard Rain A portrait of James Lawson, teacher of nonviolence, who influenced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jack Kornfield in The Wise Heart Jack Kornfield with a meditation on seeing the secret goodness in other people.
James W. Jones in The Mirror of God James W. Jones's exploration of the Christian prayer of the heart as devotional practice.
June Cotner in Forever in Love A sampler of love poems by Susan Landon and Ann Reisfeld Boutte.
John-Paul Flintoff in How to Change the World John-Paul Flintoff on how small actions are important.
Sue Patton Thoele in Excellent As You Are Sue Patton Thoele on women transforming archetypal fears into feeling safe and protected.
Jon M. Sweeney in Almost Catholic Jon Sweeney on devotion through use of prayer beads.
Caitlin Matthews in The Celtic Spirit Caitlin Matthews on joyfully greeting May Day.
Janell Moon in Stirring the Waters Janell Moon on thinking of grace as a robe with which to cover yourself.
Matthew Fox in Sheer Joy Matthew Fox's imagined conversation about joy with Thomas Aquinas.
Thubten Chodron in How to Free Your Mind Thubten Chodron on examining our attachment to material things and practicing giving things away.
Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul Thomas Moore on reading, or finding the meaning, in your home.
Omid Safi in Memories of Muhammad Omid Safi's thoughts about Muhammad seeing women as providing the connection between beauty and the spiritual domain.
Diana Butler Bass in Christianity After Religion Diana Butler Bass on spirituality as a critique of institutional religion and a longing for meaningful connection.
Andrew Linzey, Tom Regan in Animals and Christianity Albert Schweitzer on how we share the guilt in causing the suffering and pain of animals.
Wayne Muller in How, Then, Shall We Live? A meditation to review your life and explore decisions and choices would be required to simplify it.
Colette Lafia in Seeking Surrender Swimming as a way of feeling hope in the body and surrendering to the divine presence.
Ian Bogost in Play Anything A call for our establishing a new relationship with our things based on play and humility.
Coleman Barks, Jelaluddin Rumi in Soul Fury A version of a Rumi quatrain on love.
Joyce Rupp, Macrina Wiederkehr in The Circle of Life Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr's devotional resources celebrating spring and hope.
Arjuna Ardagh in Leap Before You Look Arjuna Ardagh's meditation about stopping and listening to everything we do.
Robert Kull in Solitude Robert Kull on spending time in solitude in the wilderness.