Book Reviews

Emergency Quarters A charmingly captured memory of growing independence under a mother's wise guidance. Being Present
The Devotional Qur'an An essential Qur’an for Muslim devotional practice. Faith
What Makes Us Human A reminder to treasure, preserve, and do all we can to revitalize endangered languages. Connections
Healing Our Way Home Buddhist practices to cultivate self-care, liberation, and wholeness. Unity
Marley's Pride A tale about the joy of a Pride parade — and how to handle its sensory overload. Openness
Sonnets to Orpheus Rilke's strange poetic phrasings that reflect complex spiritual yearnings. Attention
Song of the Raven Encouragement to seek and restore what's life-giving to Earth and her inhabitants. Questing
Deep Reading Virtues learned from simply reading deeply. Attention
Making Room A spiritual memoir that’s also a call to action. Justice
Thank You, God Lyrical prayers of thanks for what is nearest and dearest to us. Gratitude
Queering Contemplation Contemplative living as exploring, unfolding. Openness
The Greatest Evil Is War A blazingly prophetic account of the horrors of war and its causes. Shadow
Extreme Survival Skills and encouragement for young readers to protect themselves and the environment. Questing
Forgive Everyone Everything Illustrated reflections on how to live as God loves.  Forgiveness
Leo the Lazy Lizard A reminder that paying peaceful attention to nature is a valuable way of being. Attention
Life After Doom Hope in new ways of thinking and belonging. Hope
A Sacred Argument Case studies in Abrahamic interfaith work. Connections
The Little Regent A tribute to female wisdom and the power of ruling by serving. Listening
Indian Spirituality Succinct presentation of the religions born on the subcontinent. Vision