Book Reviews

Seek Curiosity to heal divisions. Listening
Mai and the Missing Melon A treat of a book that turns a mistake into an adventure. Kindness
Loving Our Own Bones A fresh perspective on disability. You
Your Heart Was Made for This Practical applications from a contemplative practice. Attention
More than Words A welcoming, inclusive view of many modes of communication. Listening
Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go Empathy and advice for dealing with loss. Compassion
Wild Grace How a relationship with God might feel. Grace
The Mermaid with No Tail An inspiring story of determination based on the real-life experiences of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long. Vision
Wounds into Wisdom Post-traumatic hope. Hope
The Quiet House Comfort and hope for grieving spouses. Hope
Ancestory A breathtaking journey through ancient rock art, with an emphasis on carefully protecting it. Imagination
My Life as a Prayer A story to encourage your own quest. Questing
My Baba's Garden An evocative book about heart-to-heart communication between a Baba and her grandson. Nurturing
In the Margins A compassionate, resolute, and wise memoir. Transformation
The Key to Creativity Taking the time to dream. Nurturing
Raaga's Song Courage and persistence in pursuit of a cherished goal. Hope
Real World Faith Facing white privilege and empire head-on. Justice
Cradled in the Arms of Compassion Practices discovered by a professor of spiritual formation that helped him heal from childhood sexual abuse. Shadow
Wonder Questions that evoke discovery and awe. Wonder