Book Reviews

Outside Amelia's Window A lyrical look at nature's gift of moving us forward after trauma. Transformation
Unraveling A memoir about spinning wool for wholeness, justice, and understanding. Attention
What Would Jesus See A Jewish reminder of what the most famous rabbi in history was all about. Justice
Whatever Comes Tomorrow Guidance for children who need a break from worries. Peace
Rediscovering the Divine Words to express divine longings. Questing
The Unfinished Search for Common Ground Living with commitment for the common good. Justice
Bridges A tour of bridges around the world and the ways they unite us. Unity
Your Body Is a Revolution Answers that are right inside you. You
Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief Treating life’s pain as a meditation teacher. Being Present
Wherever You Are A reminder of God's presence in every place, season, and time of day. Faith
How We Learn to Be Brave Building a life of vision and courage. Zeal
Soul Shift Finding your joy again. Joy
The Carpet Strength of hope and heritage expressed through a refugee family's carpet. Connections
Say One Kind Thing Speaking to yourself with compassion. Nurturing
Awe Seeing and feeling the world that surrounds and supports you. Wonder
Sometimes It's Nice to Be Alone How to equally enjoy solitude and companionship. Openness
Teilhard de Chardin Words of prayer for communion with evolution’s God. Reverence
Life in Five Senses Finding your hidden enthusiasm by enhancing your five senses. Enthusiasm
Big Tree The epic quest of two tiny seeds to discover their destinies in a vast panorama of time. Vision
The Wandering Mind Ancient practices for paying attention in the now. Attention