The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence (Oct. 5 - 30) An opportunity to develop a deeper, more authentic spiritual practice, leading to clarified insight about what you are being called to do. Transformation
Embracing Living: The Welcoming Prayer - 2020 (Oct. 5 - 30) Step-by-step instructions on Welcoming Prayer to deepen this profound practice. Transformation
Wisdom of the Christian Mystics (Nov. 2 - 27) A celebration of some of the women and men who have explored the Mystery of life. Faith
Reframing - 2020 (Nov. 2 - 22) A 21-day program on seeing things differently as you put your mind under new management. Transformation
Spiritual Direction An opportunity to find a trained spiritual director with whom to share the discoveries and challenges of your spiritual journey. Questing
Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Merton - 2020 (Nov. 23 - Jan. 2) Wisdom from an extraordinary Trappist monk, writer, civil rights activist, and peacemaker. Peace