What's New with Old? Re-envisioning our lives as vibrant and spirited elders. Transformation
Infusing Your Life with Creativity Reclaiming creative expression as a natural way of being. Imagination
Spiritual Elder Activism An e-course for those who want to synthesize their life experiences into a legacy for future generations. Justice
Moving Beyond Life's Hurts A guided journey in healing painful memories and relationships. You
Navigating Life's Transitions Understandings, practices, and rituals to support you through life changes. Questing
Soulful Aging An e-course on aging as the positive lifelong process of becoming a person. Questing
Learning to Accept Grief as a Lifelong Companion Explore obstacles to grieving, revise our narratives, and build resilience so we are better able to hold our sorrow. You
Sacred Presence with the Dying Guidance on how to create a peaceful and sacred environment for a person who is dying. Being Present
Making Peace with Death and Dying Insights into the social, psychological, physical, and spiritual dimensions of facing our mortality. Peace
Becoming a Wise Elder A journey through eight gates, each with its own gift, task, and challenge, on the way to becoming wise people. Transformation
The Sage's Tao Te Ching Teachings on the sage as a model for a life of spirited freedom, contentment, wisdom, and playfulness. Transformation
ReStorying Your Life Guidance through "life review" of your history, grief and gratitude, present path, and legacy. You
Living Your Legacy: Seeds, Blossoms, Fruits Ways to be intentional about the legacy you live and leave to your family, colleagues, and community. Vision