Give the gift of a spiritual retreat! Our popular programs are delivered by email, making them flexible and easily accessible. Programs range from classes that survey the teachings of a spiritual master to instructions on spiritual practices to studies of sacred texts.

How It Works

You can easily give a particular e-course by clicking the "Give as Gift" button at the bottom of its sign-up page. But if you'd like your recipient to choose his/her own e-course, you can buy a gift certificate.

We will send you a certificate (via email or postal mail) which you can give to your giftee. It includes instructions on the front on how to redeem the certificate.

Please Note: These gift certificates are created and sent by actual human beings! Please be patient; it may take up to 24 hours (or more) to receive one.

Four Gift Certificates Available

Each certificate covers a different kind of e-course:

l. Current E-Courses and Online Retreats with Practice Circles are offered throughout the year and are announced one or two months in advance. They run for a specific time period, usually 4 - 6 weeks. Each has an online Practice Circle where you can interact with other participants and the teacher.

$59.95 Gift Certificate

2. On-Demand E-Courses and Online Retreats are very flexible because you can choose your own start date and the schedule for delivery of the emails (daily, three times a week, twice a week, or weekly). You receive all the same content as when the e-course first ran as a "current" offering but do not have access to a Practice Circle.

$49.95 Gift Certificate

3. 21-Day Program with Practice Circle are led by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat and offer three weeks of spiritual nuggets and practice suggestions for breaking habits and establishing new practices. When one is a "current course" it has a Practice Circle.

$31.00 Gift Certificate

4. On-Demand 21-Day Program are the same programs but without a Practice Circle. You choose your own start date and delivery schedule.

$21.00 Gift Certificate