Sister Melannie Svoboda has been a Sister of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio, for many decades. During that time she has served as a high school and college teacher, novice director, and provincial (president) of her congregation. She also ministered in the Jesuit Novitiate in Detroit for six years. Teaching religion for so many years and working with novices confirmed for her just how important faith is in everyday life. That’s what she tries to do in her writing and talks: connect the spiritual life with what happens every day and relate scripture and the Paschal Mystery to people's hopes, struggles, joys, and sorrows.

Currently she writes and gives talks and retreats nationally. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including America, Catholic Digest, National Catholic Reporter, Liguorian, Living Faith, and Country Woman. When she is not writing or giving retreats, she can be found walking in a park or around the neighborhood, making tapioca or apple strudel, conversing with friends, listening to music, cheering for one of Cleveland’s sports teams, or struggling with a crossword puzzle.

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