Generosity is an act of moral beauty, one that has intrinsic rewards like the high we get from helping others and the caring connections we build. Even when we give in secret and do not know the rewards, we can be sure that we are chipping away at our own greed and selfishness, which cause us sorrow, and that kindnesses we share will continue to ripple outwards into the world. One generous deed gives birth to another and another in a chain that may be generations long.

On these pages we have gathered spiritual practices, articles, books, films, quotes, and more to help you strengthen your practice of generosity. You can access them through the "Latest Content" link and the icons on this page. We have also put together a sampler of this topic, "The Spiritual Practice of Generosity: A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts."

You will see as you read that generosity is for everyone. It doesn't take money to smile, share your wisdom, or listen nonjudgmentally. And when we are generous, we feel rich no matter how wealthy or poor we are, because we have loosened the chains that keep us from recognizing we belong to the whole world.