Anger has often been compared with fire: It can smolder, blaze suddenly, or burn with fury. Like fire, it serves essential purposes. It can restore warmth where a cruel coldness reigned (think of Dorothy Day or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking with righteous indignation about mistreatment of the poor). It can destroy what is obsolete or harmful.

But we have all seen what happens when anger is used unwisely. It singes sensitive feelings, flares up at inopportune moments, and turns hopes and dreams to ash.

Be careful: This emotion is hot! That's why spiritual practice is essential. We have gathered here resources about anger for your reflection: spiritual practices, quotations, book and film reviews, articles, and more. You will find help for working with your own anger and the anger of others. As we all learn more about the power that anger contains, we can transform it and so add warmth and light to the world.