An overflowing of our hearts. An extension of intimacy. A key to bridging generation gaps. A path to discovery and change. These are some of the ways that people describe the value of good conversations, which are nothing to take for granted. In Home By Another Way, Robert Benson writes:

"We live in a world where welcome and gentleness and civility are increasingly rare. Most of the conversation between strangers is terse and quick, and too many times it is cold and rude. It can even be that way, more often then we care to admit, among people who are not strangers. Such is the world we live in that we are almost stunned by hospitality and gentility whenever it breaks out around us. We are drawn to the people and to the places where we find such welcome in abundance."

The resources in this topic are meant to help you both find and create this kind of hospitable spirit in your conversations. By selecting the icons on this page, you will find articles, blog posts, book reviews, book excerpts, film reviews, prayers, quotes, spiritual practices, and websites that enrich your ability to share and listen. We offer them with hopes that they will lead you into conversations even deeper and more meaningful than those you have already experienced. After all, conversations allow us to understand each other and ourselves ... and what could be more vital in creating a fulfilling life?