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  • When we open our hearts to each other we allow grace to enter. It is as simple as that. And suffering — events that break open the heart — can become the refiner's fire that leaves us fully open to the truth about love and compassion.
    — Kathleen A. Brehony in Ordinary Grace
  • There is a power which inspires the heart, enlightens the mind, and sanctifies human character. It is the power of Grace.
    — Paul Brunton quoted in Meditations for People in Crisis edited by Sam and Leslie Cohen
  • Grace can never be possessed but can only be received afresh again and again.
    — Rudolf Bultmann
  • Grace is the kindling of the heart and the illuminating of the mind.
    — John S. Dunne in The Music of Time
  • Community is another source of grace. In community we are meant to grace one another; to be sources of grace; healers by way of grace.
    — Matthew Fox in Confessions
  • Our own experiences of grace give an inchoate meaning to the stories of our lives. They hint at purposes which exist beyond ourselves.
    — Andrew M. Greeley in God in Popular Culture
  • In becoming grace, you start from a place of emptiness. When you empty of expectations, you open to the wonders that happen in moments and nanoseconds of revelation. With God's grace active in you, nothing can go wrong. Every thought, word, and action, when joined with grace, will be formless and serve goodness.
    — Shoni Labowitz in Miraculous Living
  • Grace is the light or electricity or juice or breeze that takes you from that isolated place and puts you with others who are as startled and embarrassed and eventually grateful as you are to be there.
    — Anne Lamott in Traveling Mercies
  • Grace happens when we act with others on behalf of our world.
    — Joanna Macy in Lighting a Candle by Molly Young Brown
  • Grace overcomes shame, not by uncovering an overlooked cache of excellence in ourselves but simply by accepting us, the whole of us, with no regard to our beauty or our ugliness, our virtue or our vices. We are accepted wholesale. Accepted with no possibility of being rejected. Accepted once and accepted forever. Accepted at the ultimate depth of our being.
    — Lewis B. Smedes in Shame and Grace
  • You are seeking for secret ways of belonging to God, but there is only one: making use of whatever God offers you.
    — Jean-Pierre de Caussade quoted in Praying Dangerously by Regina Sara Ryan
  • Grace happens to me when I feel a surge of honest joy that makes me glad to be alive in spite of valid reasons for feeling terrible. Grace happens when I accept my wife's offer to begin again with me in love after I have hurt her. It happens when I feel powerfully free to follow my own conscience in spite of those who think I am either crazy or wicked. Grace is the gift of feeling sure that our future, even our dying, is going to turn out more splendidly than we dare imagine. Grace is the feeling of hope.
    — Lewis B. Smedes in How Can It Be All Right When Everything Is All Wrong?
  • In a flash of the eye,
    laughter, or a tear.
    No effort needed, no self to seek,
    just grace remains.
    — Svein Myreng in Plum Poems
  • Grace is uncontrollable, arbitrary to our senses, apparently unmerited. It's utterly free, ferociously strong, about about as mysterious a thing as you could imagine. First rule of grace: grace rules.
    — Brian Doyle quoted in The Best Spiritual Writing 2001 edited by Philip Zaleski
  • We think of grace arriving like an ambulance, just-in-time delivery, an invisible divine cavalry cresting a hill of troubles, a bolt of jazz from the glittering horn of the Creator, but maybe it lives in us and is activated by illness of the spirit. Maybe we're loaded with grace. Maybe we're stuffed with the stuff. Maybe it's stitched into our DNA, a fifth ingredient in the deoxyribonucleic acidic soup.
    — Brian Doyle quoted in The Best Spiritual Writing 2001 edited by Philip Zaleski
  • We take whatever confessionals we can find. It is somehow reassuring that redemption can come in a ratty, dog-eared old mystery paperback as well as in the glory and grandeur of a gothic cathedral. God is not afraid to be present even in a fiction that wallows in sin.
    — Stephen Kendrick in Holy Clues
  • All communities of faith mediate the grace of God in a very mixed way. Sin, pettiness, and betrayal are always found alongside grace, sanctity, and fidelity.
    — Ronald Rolheiser in The Holy Longing
  • Come, not to discuss
    the words of others,
    But to listen . . .
    For in the sacredness of every moment
    Divine Grace is telling you alone
    all that is required.
    — Jean Pierre de Caussade quoted in The Inner Treasure by Jonathan Star
  • God gives his gifts where he finds the vessel empty enough to receive them.
    — C. S. Lewis quoted in God Hunger by John Kirvan
  • The creative life of God is always coming, always entering to refresh and enhance our lives.
    — Evelyn Underhill quoted in God Hunger by John Kirvan
  • God is ready to give great things when we are give up everything.
    — Meister Eckhart quoted in The Sun & Moon Over Assisi by Gerard Thomas Straub
  • Grace teaches truth, monitors the monastery, illumines the soul, produces tears.
    — Thomas a Kempis quoted in The Imitation of Christ edited by William Griffin

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