• The White Balloon: The experiences of a seven-year-old Iranian girl, who has her heart set on purchasing a goldfish for New Year's Day, reveal the commonalities linking us to children all over the world.
  • The Dish: The fascinating story of three Australian scientists and their work with NASA to transmit images of the Apollo XI landing on the moon to the waiting world.
  • Harmony in Diversity: The Dalai Lama speaks about the world as a human garden where harmony results from respecting diversity.
  • Howards End: Depicts how people and places that are meant to be together cannot be kept apart.
  • Independence Day: Presentation of one Fourth of July when instead of rallying around the flag, Americans celebrate the concerted efforts of people all around the world to save the planet.
  • Ma Vie en Rose: An incomparable young boy shows us what it takes to survive in a world where prejudice and small-mindedness block feelings of unity.
  • The Milagro Beanfield War: A picaresque tale set in a small Hispanic town where a developer's idea of progress challenges a community to come together in unity.
  • Prelude to a Kiss: A spellbinding romantic drama about love and the mysterious ways we experience unity with others.
  • What's Cooking?: Four families on the same block in Los Angeles celebrate Thanksgiving and in the process reveal what different cultures and races share in common.

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