The Basic Practice

Questers venture into the unknown, confront difficulties and dangers, and return home with new understandings of themselves and of the world. A pilgrimage, part trip and part ritual, is prescribed in all the religious traditions for those seeking healing and renewal. The impetus for the journey could be an urge to explore one's spiritual roots, a desire for absolution, a wish to pay homage, or a question that needs answering.

To practice questing, you have to leave home, both literally and figuratively. Travel to a sacred place where something has happened before and see what happens to you now. Don't stop, even if you stumble, until you have found a gift or an insight to bring back with you. If you can't go far, make an inner journey. Ask questions. Look for replies in areas where you have never thought to go before.

Why This Practice May Be For You

Questing is a companion of adventure. We thrill to the quest! This kind of travel broadens your horizons and gives you practice dealing with new situations. It increases your capacity to take risks. It helps you overcome any timidity or fear of the unknown that may be holding you back.

Questing also serves as an antidote to the rigidity of certitude, thinking that you already know it all. It encourages you to be a seeker, to keep searching for different strategies to meet the challenges of our times.

Daily Cue, Reminder, Vow, Blessing

  • The sight of an airplane or a train is a cue for me to practice questing.
  • Whenever I travel from one time zone into another, I am reminded of the need to keep my questing spirit alive.
  • When I encounter someone who believes he or she has all the answers, I vow to honor all the questions.
  • Blessed is the Great Host who fills our lives with the adventure of questing.