Practice Enhances Balances/Counters
Attention Awareness Distraction, Stress
Beauty Simplicity, Pleasure Clutter, Habitual life
Being Present Contentment Living in past or future
Compassion Caring Judgment, Pain
Connections Holistic way of life Separations, Dualisms
Devotion Self-discipline Lack of commitment
Enthusiasm Energy Apathy, Boredom
Faith Trust Hardened heart, Difficulties
Forgiveness Freedom, Reconciliation Vengefulness, Bitterness
Grace Receptivity, Surrender Shame, Need for control
Gratitude Satisfaction Greed, Entitlement
Hope Optimism Despair, Impatience
Hospitality Tolerance Hostility, Criticalness
Imagination Creativity Rationalism
Joy Happiness Sadness, Sorrow
Justice Equality, Dignity Oppression, Fanaticism
Kindness Generosity Selfishness
Listening Discernment Disregard for others
Love Intimacy Fear
Meaning Understanding Cynicism, Shallowness
Nurturing Balance Deprivation, Codependency
Openness Empathy, Flexibility Close-mindedness
Peace Serenity, Equanimity Anger, Violence, Worry
Play Free-spiritedness Earnestness, Predictability
Questing Adventure, Risk-taking Timidity, Certitude
Reverence Worth, Awe Wastefulness, Ennui
Shadow Wholeness Pollyannaism, Projections
Silence Contemplation Chaos
Teachers Wisdom Pride
Transformation Healing, Growth Resistance to change
Unity Harmony, Solidarity Loneliness, Individualism
Vision Idealism Pragmatism
Wonder Sensuousness Indifference
X - The Mystery Not knowing Tidy and logical systems
Yearning Fulfillment, Ecstasy Being stuck in status quo
You Authenticity Low self-esteem, Grandiosity
Zeal Passionate life Unlived life