World Interfaith Harmony Week Ways to observe this annual event with activities, a reading list, and a DVD recommendation. Hospitality
Groundhog Day, Candlemas, Imbolc The meaning of Groundhog Day and Candlemas and how to "name this day" with a movie, discussion, and … Transformation
Birthday of Dietrich Bonhoeffer A day to follow the Lutheran theologian's advice that we give glory to God in the midst of life. Faith
Birthday of Rosa Parks (PDP) A tribute to the courageous woman whose nonviolent act sparked the Montgomery bus boycott. Justice
Birthday of Adlai Stevenson (PDP) Exploring the vision of the American politician, governor, and UN ambassador. Vision
Birthday of Bob Marley (PDP) Remembering the prophetic witness and spiritual power of the founder of reggae music. Unity
Isra and Mi’raj Celebrating the night journey of the Prophet Muhammad. Faith
Birthday of Charles Dickens Remembering the great British novelist and social critic. Imagination
Birthday of Martin Buber In honor of the Jewish philosopher, a reverence practice for your encounters with people, places, or… Reverence
Super Bowl Sunday A spiritual way to look at the annual football extravaganza. Yearning
A. J. Muste Day Reflecting on the life work of the Christian pacifist who reminded us that peace is a way of life. Peace
Birthday of Abraham Lincoln (PDP) Honoring the great statesmen who served as the 16th U.S. President. Justice
Practicing Love on Valentine's Day Love is not something that you just fall into, as the romance novels and hit songs suggest. Love is … Peace
Ash Wednesday Two ways to observe the beginning of Lent, from creative Christian writer Ed Hays. Devotion
Birthday of Sri Ramakrishna Observe the birthday of this Hindu saint by diving deep in the quest for the Divine. Devotion
Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis, Writer and Spiritual Seeker Zeal
Presidents' Day (PDP) Using the national holiday to assess our attitudes towards the presidency. Vision
Birthday of George Washington (PDP) A tribute to the character of the first president of the United States. You
Nisf Sha’ban The Night of Fortune and Forgiveness in the Islamic calendar. Devotion
Birthday of Marian Anderson (PDP) Observing the birthday of a celebrated contralto whose stature helped African-American artists… Faith