Recent Quotes of the Day

Socrates , The Garland of Nation-Souls I am a citizen of the world
Joan Chittister, In Search of Belief There is a child in each of us waiting to be born again
Harry M. Tipett, Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Kindess blooms in the darkest corners
Diane Ackerman, Deep Play Variety is the pledge that matter makes
Julia Cameron, Finding Water Optimism as Emotional Courage
Joseph Sharp, Living Our Dying Living our dying is the work of a lifetime
Ezra Bayda, At Home in the Muddy Water The Heart that only knows connectedness and love
Jelaluddin Rumi, The Paradigm Conspiracy Days are sieves to filter spirit
Wayne Dosick, Soul Judaism Get yourself a teacher
Susan Pilgrim, How to Master Change in Your Life Your awareness and belief that you're not alone
Sri Ramakrishna , Monastic Journey to India Indifference is a greater enemy
Mahatma Gandhi, Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings If you really want to cultivate nonviolence
David J. Wolpe, Making Loss Matter Sometimes it is only later that we discover God's presence
Pedro Arrupe, S. J., Seeds of Faith Nothing is more practical than finding God
Deborah L. Johnson, The Sacred Yes Joy is breaking through false paradigms
Scott Russell Sanders, Writing from the Center Wealth does not precipitate like dew
Debbie Ford, Spiritual Divorce Listening from a place of surrender
Jelaluddin Rumi, The Path to Love Love is the way messengers from the mystery
Geri Larkin, Stumbling Toward Enlightenment Miserable days have a purpose
Ellen Birx, Healing Zen An image of letting go
Paula D'Arcy, A New Set of Eyes I no longer dance to become worthy
David Aaron, Living a Joyous Life A person of faith is a person of action
Maria Harris, Called To Question Every act of gratitude is incomplete
Sam Keen, Faces of the Enemy Our best hope for remaining human
Ira Byock, Dying Well Precious opportunities to complete relationships
Tom Stella, A Faith Worth Believing Hope is lifeline to the grace of God within