Recent Quotes of the Day

Hilary Hart, The Unknown She Love your children and your husband
His Holiness The Dalai Lama, How to Expand Love Each one of us is responsible for all of humankind.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Roadsigns God enters by a private door
Evelyn Underhill, Spiritual Literacy Loveliness eludes us from lack of attention
Walter Brueggeman, Embracing the World If there is to be shalom
Meister Eckhart, Paths to God Follow where God leads
Joan Chittister, There Is a Season In our work we share in the life of God
Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Heart of Sufism Happiness is in your own being, your own self
David Hilfiker, Not All of Us Are Saints Poverty is inaccessible to most of us
Jane Vennard, Embracing the World Hopeful people are a blessing
Jacqueline Small, Embodying Spirit Never use the high road as a way to avoid
Paul Woodruff, Reverence Reverence has been fading out of our conscious lives
Ted Loder, The Haunt of Grace Trust is that God is at work in our lives
Alan Jones, Soul Making We are lovable and we are loved
Bradford Keeney, Shamanic Christianity Play with the most troubling parts of your life.
Kabir Helminski, The Book of Language Wherever we turn our gaze
Harold S. Kushner, Jewish Wisdom Expecting the world to treat you fairly
John Tarrant, Bring Me the Rhinoceros Sometimes it might be useful
Sobonfu E. Some, Falling Out of Grace You sculpt your face as you live
Nancy Fuchs, Our Share of Night, Our Share of Morning Vacations are times to recreate our spirits
Emanuel Swedenborg, Observing Spirit Those who have charity hardly ever notice evil
Christopher Child, The Spirit's Terrain A clear and worthy vision of the desirable future
John Enright, Finding What You Didn't Lose I sensed even then they were more free