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The Meaning of Tea The spiritual meanings to be discovered by drinking tea, according to Sen no Rikyu, as told by Scott Chamberlain Hoyt (in book edited by Phil Cousineau)
Iron Maze Explores a volatile Japanese-American encounter in a steel town.
Leningrad Cowboys Go America A hilarious picaresque tale which throws off some clever cross-cultural insights.
American Pop Celebrates the vitality of music which seems to weather all changes and continues to serve as a vehicle for our hopes and dreams.
Man Friday A fascinating screen interpretation of Daniel Defoe's classic story about the survival attempts of two men from very different cultures.
When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Reaps the wisdom of Ecclesiastes.
Fear and Trembling A fascinating French film set in Japan about power in the workplace and the yearning that fuels a cross-cultural experience.
Lost Boys of Sudan An excellent documentary about the struggles of two African youth to adapt to their new life in America.
Balseros (Cuban Rafters) An ambitious and well-realized documentary about seven Cuban dreamers who risked their lives aboard homemade rafts to make it to America to forge a new life for themselves.
Green Card An appealing romantic comedy directed by Peter Weir.