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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Biographical profile of contributors to Spirituality & Practice.
Winter Solstice Getting in touch with the deeper meanings of the Winter Solstice through readings, practices, poems, and prayers.
Hanukkah Ways to celebrate Hanukkah and the sacred importance of light.
Advent Observing the Advent season with practices that honor the art of waiting.
Moon Bath Nurturing Your Body, Mind, and Soul
Deep Beauty A collection of essays celebrating many aspects of beauty.
Sacred Balance An exquisite, lyrical, and practice-oriented exploration of the path of spiritual balance.
Sacred Balance A reflection upon the balance of mind, body, and spirit using color theory.
Fresh Eyes Encouragement to be open to the transformation possible through reading and being moved by John Shea's Gospel Light.
Alone with Her Dreams (Picciridda - Con i piedi nella sabia) A well-wrought and memorable coming-of-age drama.