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Phil Cousineau A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Phil Cousineau, a Cultural historian and adventure tour leader.
Focusing on Memorable Details An exercise to enhance your travel experience.
The Oldest Story in the World Phil Cousieanu on how stories save our souls.
The Oldest Story in the World A generous tribute to stories and the art of storytelling.
Prayers at 3 A.M. A poem by Charles Peguy about hope.
Prayers at 3 A.M. An edgy and creative anthology of poems, chants, and songs about the allure and mysteries of the night.
Burning the Midnight Oil Phil Cousineau on being haunted by night.
Burning the Midnight Oil An engaging, entertaining, and edifying anthology of poems, prayers, and philosophical ditties for nighthawks.
The Painted Word A collection of strange and marvelous words and their meanings.
And Live Rejoicing A sprightly sequel to Huston Smith's spiritual memoir Tales of Wonder.
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