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Combing Your Hair Ritual A way to notice the attention God gives you.
Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality Essays on revising our ideas of and practices with our bodies.
Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality Thomas Ryan on the ritual of the passing of the peace.
Return to Stillness Reveals the bounties of this discipline that brings peace, calm, and grace to the routines of his life.
Rumi's Four Essential Practices Presents four spiritual practices by Rumi for body and soul
Spiritual Exercises Integrated body exercises and spiritual practices as vehicles for God's purposes.
Creating a Spiritual Retirement Molly Srode on expressing gratitude for all the unheralded gifts of the body.
T'ai Chi as a Path of Wisdom A paean to this Taoist spiritual practice of body movements, stillness, balance, and beauty.
The Tibetan Book of Yoga A terrific mind-body resource.
Clearing Away Clouds Celebrates the path of self-mastery.