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Creating with Others Shaun McNiff on how our creativity is enhanced through interactions with others.
Spirit Taking Form Nancy Azura's on imagining places and drawing them.
Meeting the Madwomen Proclaims that this energy holds the key to creativity.
Releasing the Creative Spirit Ideas and exercises for enhancing everyday life through imagination, wonder, play, and joy.
Princess Caraboo Celebrates creativity as an asset of free spirits.
Broadway Danny Rose A paean to the loveable losers in show biz who give it all they've got but still cup up short.
F For Fake Gives Orson Welles a chance to explore trickery, fraud, and illusion on the screen in imaginative ways.
Barton Fink A parable about the intellectual vanity of a creative individual who wants to improve society with his vision of the common man.
Barfly An audacious movie about skid-row existentialism.
Annie A happy-go-lucky musical with a happy ending.
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