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Osnat and Her Dove Sumptuously illustrated tales from the life of a brilliant scholar.
I Am Not a Label A dynamic collection of biographies that reminds each of us to shine our own light.
Presidents' Day (PDP) Using the national holiday to assess our attitudes towards the presidency.
A New Silence Some helpful aspirations for writing a code of conduct for your life.
Webs of Power Starhawk on the abuse of power and the global justice movement.
Conversation Cards on Democracy, Freedom, Equality, and the Common Good A set of 52 cards for discussions on the values, virtues, and visions of democracy with quotes from a variety of voices, questions for reflection, and suggested actions.
Recite Mantras for Loving-Kindness A recommendation to create your own loving-kindness mantra based on your vision for our country and our world.
Examine Your Motivation Encouragement to regularly consider the intentions underlying our actions.
Fatima A religious drama about the remarkable faith of a young girl after her account of seeing the Virgin Mary is questioned by family, community, and the church.
Democracy Matters Notes on the democratic tradition and a key figure in its history, Ralph Waldo Emerson.