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Mother of God Similar to Fire The icons of William Hart McNichols and the lyrical meditations of Mirabai Starr combine in a tribute to Mary.
The Fearless Heart Spiritual practices for overcoming self-doubt and living with courage and compassion in an age of rampant fear.
War Photographer An engrossing portrait of James Nachtwey, a single-minded artist of compassion, vision, and idealism who for twenty years has put himself in danger to give voice to those in peril.
Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin An extraordinary Italian documentary about the agony, suffering, and losses of the Afghan people who have lived in a war zone for 25 years.
Damien An extraordinary one-man drama about the ministry of a priest who put his life on the line for the lepers isolated on Molokai island in Hawaii.
The Cup An endearing Tibetan drama about loving others and giving up one's attachments.
Twilight In the diminishment of his life, an elder nurtures magnanimity and wears it well.
Hidden in America A thoughtful portrait of both the perils of poverty and the difficult dynamics of compassion.
The Amazing Panda Adventure A fine family film about the ties that bind-both human and animal.
Rain Man An Academy Award-winning film starring Dustin Hoffman as an autistic savant and Tom Cruise as his narcissistic brother who form a genuine relationship.
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