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Hope A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of hope.
Bringing Hope to the World Creating a "Rope of Hope" ceremony by braiding strands of yarn or twine.
Planting Hope Writing a hope on a paper and burying it under a live houseplant.
Real Happiness at Work Sharon Salzberg on how equanimity at work sets the stage for balance.
Kandahar A mesmerizing film about one young woman's quest for hope in war-torn Afghanistan where refugees struggle to survive and fear reigns in the hearts of everyone.
Seeing Beyond Depression An exploration of this contemporary malaise which offers some surprising antidotes.
Our Song An extraordinary coming-of-age movie about three girls living in a poverty-stricken neighborhood whose daily wanderings and intimate dramas during the last weeks of summer reveal their deep reserves o…
The Outrageous Pursuit of Hope Assesses the kinds of spirituality needed for apocalyptic times.
This Our Exile Insights into the spiritual practice of hope.
Journey of Hope Celebrates the courage and the hope of refugees who are shamefully treated by both those who prey upon them and those who are quick to close doors on ethnic outsiders.
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