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Black Sea A parabolic film about a middle-aged man who decides to fight back after being reduced to being a nobody.
Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country A moving documentary about the courage of underground video journalists covering the 2007 protests in Burma.
Storm Gives conscience a good name and proves the world needs more women warriors to uphold the cause of justice.
Days of Glory A sad and woeful depiction of how courageous North African soldiers fighting for France during World War II were treated shabbily by their superiors.
Trudell A tribute to the focused and prophetic Native poet and activist who loves the Earth and has made many stands for the dignity of his people.
Stolen Childhoods Makes the point that we are all one family and the degradation and slavery of one child working in horrible conditions diminishes us all.
Seabiscuit From the movie Seabiscuit, a model for just treatment of all living things.
A New Religious America Diana L. Eck on creating a global enunciation of principles.
Crimson Gold A bold and courageous Iranian film by director Jafar Panahi about one sad human drama that is illustrative of the growing chasm between the rich and the poor in Teheran.
Runaway Jury A fast-paced legal thriller, about the unsavory methods used by the gun industry to protect itself.