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Discernment Matters Keen insights into the practice of discovering the work of the Holy Spirit in us, as revealed in the early monastic tradition.
Where Two or Three Are Gathered Useful models for group spiritual companionship.
Listening Hearts An examination of call, discernment, and Christian community.
Bridge of Waves Erudite and thought-provoking essays on appreciating and listening to music.
Difficult Conversations Presents skills that can enhance communication between individuals.
The Spirit of Intuition Discusses the manifold ways individuals can tap into the intuition we all possess.
Father and Son A heart affecting memoir.
Hearing with the Heart Examines spiritual practices that can be used in this process.
Boesman and Lena A film version of Athol Fugard's play about a down-and-out black couple in South Africa struggling with poverty and homelessness.
Smoke Signals This delightful film pokes fun at the interface between life " on the rez" and the dominant white culture.
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