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A litany by Heather McVoy for bridges, mending, and community.
One Common Band
A pastoral prayer from Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1956.
Prayer for a Child While Listening to Rachmaninoff
An expression of wonder and appreciation for the miracle of a child.
Bishop Barbara Clementine Harris in WomanPrayers
A request for God's help in discernment and taking action.
Free Market
A plea to be and do what is useful.
Love Wrap
A petition for God's loving presence within you and surrounding you.
For All Women: A Litany
A prayer for the many forms of God's mercy for all women.
In Your Hands
God's care and protection
A Litany for All Saints Day
A litany, written for the arrival of the millennium, that is also appropriate for All Saints Day.
Prayers and Meditations for Wartime - 4
A collection of prayers, meditations, teaching stories, and other devotional resources for wartime.