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The Problem of Wealth An ethical perspective on the gap between the rich and the poor.
The Sin of White Supremacy A cogent theological and cultural assessment of White Christian supremacy and its attendant toxins.
Sacred Journeys A singular and enlightening devotional work for women.
Christian Mystics Refreshing and adventuresome profiles of visionaries, confessors, poets, soul friends, and wisdom keepers.
Way of Love An enlightening work on the four movements of love in our world.
I'm Not There A phantasmagorical trip that explores Bob Dylan as a mystery man and a shape-shifter par excellence.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age A sequel in which the Virgin Queen struggles to hold on to power in a time of great religious violence and personal challenges.
The Camden 28 A documentary about a watershed trial in 1973 of some anti-war activists from the Catholic Left who took a stand on the basis of conscience.
Ruby Bridges An inspiring film about an exceptional black girl whose Christian faith and spiritual resiliency are a lesson for all of us.
Godspell We can be the happiest of all creatures if we will just dance to the rhythm of our comic songbook souls.