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Wayne Teasdale in The Community of Religions Openness is a receptivity to everyone
Interfaith Leadership The founder of Interfaith Youth Core on the importance of building relationships between diverse communities.
Practical Interfaith An Interfaith community's mission and vision statements.
The New Monasticism Definitions of new monasticism as an orientation in life and a discipline built upon spiritual practices.
Wisdom Walk Sage Bennet on the spiritual practice of vision as found in the wisdom traditions.
Happier Endings Erica Brown on making an intention to be better prepared for death.
Globalization, Gender and Peacebuilding Kwok Pui-lan on the importance of the world's religions uniting and working together for peace.
Visionaries Satish Kumar and Freddie Whitefield on people who made the greatest impact in creating and projecting a holistic world-view.
Beyond Tolerance Gustav Niebuhr on statistics showing a cultural shift toward more interreligious activity in America.
Rumi A reason for Rumi's broad appeal.