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Windows to the Soul A collection of short pieces of wisdom to nourish your soul.
The Way of Imagination One of our favorite writers on seeing the world through the eyes of imagination.
The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary A tribute to all the commonplace, run-of-the-mill experiences that can bring delight into your life.
WALL.E The tender and touching story of a lonely robot on Earth who falls in love and becomes a spiritual teacher to all who encounter him.
The Devil Came on Horseback A powerful and shattering documentary about the indifference of the world to genocide.
The Mystery of Love A PBS special on the many faces of love: in marriage, friendship, action, family, and community; part of Fetzer Institute's Campaign for Love and Forgiveness.
Just Like Heaven A light-hearted and pleasing romantic comedy about two individuals who reach out in the mystery of their relationship and discover new life.
Because of Winn-Dixie A magical story about a lonely girl whose life is transformed by a stray dog with a spiritual gift for bringing her together with just the right people.
Naqoyqatsi A bold and irreverent non-narrative film that speaks its truths with spellbinding images and the entrancing music of Philip Glass.
House of Cards A stunning and compelling exploration of the power of the imaginal world -- the nonverbal realm of dreams and imagery.